FRSky Horus X12S (sort/sølv)

DKK 4.450,00
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Producent: FRSky-RC

FRSky's LÆNGE ventede nye flagskib! Med alt hvad man kan forvente fra FRSky og mere til: 


- Industrial high resolution screen (480*272), readable outdoor
- All CNC gimbal with 6 ball bearings, accuracy hall sensor and extensible by stick ends
- Inbuilt GPS module
- Inbuilt wireless trainer system
- Inbuilt 6-axis sensors (3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerator)
- Two types of aluminum panels (matt or texture)
- 16 channels (up to 32 channels)
- Audio speech function
- Full telemetry (S-Port) and real-time data logging
- Antenna detection and SWR warning
- Receiver match
- Newly designed internal RF module IXJT with lower latency and higher stability
- Internal and external antenna selectable
- External module bay
- Safe power switch with integrated strap base
- Two types of trainer ports
- MP3 player
- Haptic feedback
- NiMH batteries with inbuilt charging circuit
- 6 position encoder for easier flight modes switch
- FrSky FrTX operation system installed as default, Open source firmware supported


- HORUS X12S Transmitter with 2000mAh Accu (Mode 2) (Design: Space Grey)
- Charger for Transmitter
- Neck Strap
- Aluminium Case

Compatible with FrSky Receivers: XSR/LBT, X4R CPPM/LBT, X4R-SB CPPM/LBT, X6R/LBT, X8R/LBT, L9R/LBT, S6R/LBT

This product conforms to the current radio standard ETSI EN 300.328.V1.8.1. Thus, compatibility is not the case with older FrSky receivers! Please perform when required by an update of the receiver to the latest firmware.