Hobbywing Flyfun 120A v5 m. BEC

DKK 675,00
Normal/burst belastning: 120A/150A Antal celler: 3-6S LiPo Switch Mode BEC: 5.2V/6V/7.4V, 8A/20A
Producent: HobbyWing
SKU: 30201400
Super prisbillig ESC, der kan bruges til de fleste systemer. Har dog ikke helikopter governor, så skal den bruges på helikopter skal der benyttes governor via FBL enheden.
  • ESC programmable through Transmitter and LED program card (purchase separately)
  • DEO Technology / Active Freewheeling
    The DEO technology (Driving Efficiency Optimization) implemented in the ESC has multiple advantages:
    • Rapider and smoother throttle response, better stability and flexibility during flight.
    • Higher driving efficiency, longer flight time.
    • Lower ESC temperature, more reliable operation.
  • Soft Start-ups & Reverse Brake
  • High-power BEC: High-power switch-mode BEC with continuous/peak current of 8A/20A and voltage adjustable among 5.2V, 6.0V & 7.4V allows users to have more electronic devices or devices with higher power like servo, flight controller, and on-board light on their aircraft.
  • Multiple Protections: Multiple protection features include start-up, over-current, ESC thermal, capacitor thermal, overload, throttle signal loss (or Fail Safe), and abnormal input voltage effectively prolongs the service life of the ESC.